blinking after crash - SP 0.9.5 + aTV 2.4



sucessfully JB from 4.4.4 to 5.3 with SP 0.9.5

then installed new ATV Flash 2.4 and XBMC


while in the Menus the atv crashed and boots only to the apple logo - then fade black and keeps blinking…

tried several times to plug power out and in but no change


now trying to re-jb with sp

so i did a re-jailbreak - success

i installed nitoTV - success

i tried to install xbmc 12.3 - crash and blinking after reboot


any ideas or someone with same experience?


will try now to restore to original 5.3 and then do a new jailbreak

for now it runs!


did a restore to original - then jb to 5.3 - then install xbmc

don’t installed nitotv cause i don’t really need it