Blank screen after power on

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem which I am unsure how to fix. I have an Apple TV 2G on the lastest software which has been jailbroken using Seas0nPass and has aTV Flash (black) installed. Everything has been working fine for awhile. I moved house and now went to plug the Apple TV back in after moving but now the Apple logo appears and then after abour 15 seconds the screen goes blank and I can’t see anything.

I can hear the sound etc but can’t see anything on the TV.

Any thoughts?

See this post and let us know if this is the issue you’re experiencing.

Yes, this is the exact problem I am having, thanks. Should I try plugging in a wired Ethernet cable?


Defintely worth trying if you are having that problem.   A wired ethernet always takes precedence f WiFi on the ATV2.