Black windows on Sync tab

As you can see the attached screenshots …

Also, I think the iCloud Sync stoped working, I’ve mad some changes on my Apple TV it syncs fine with my iOS app but not on the macOS (Infuse - Alpha 12)



+1, same issue on alpha 12.
Alpha 11 works fine with iCloud sync

Same issue with Alpha 12, macOS doesn’t sync at all anymore (iOS still does).

The UI issues are in progress, and should likely be resolved in the next alpha.

With regard to syncing, Alpha 12 uses a new iCloud structure. Unfortunately, this means the 7.0 alpha builds on macOS will no longer sync with Infuse 6.x for iOS/tvOS. Syncing should start working again once 7.0 for iOS/tvOS become available on the App Store.

If you like, you can sign up to start testing 7.0 on iOS/tvOS here.

The black screen issue should be resolved in today’s beta 2 update. :slight_smile:

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