Black Screen & Reboot Loop, 2 days after jailbreak

Not sure what the deal is but this morning i had no video but could hear the audio, silver remote reset would not work. unplugged, atv2 booted, black screen, reboot loop, video but unresponsive to remote and no sound.  It then continued to reboot every 2-4 min after that. I eventually had to restore in iTunes which worked, Thankfully.

Does anyone know what this problem might be? i would love to re-jailbreak but if this is the outcome i will wait until it is addressed.

I’m having the same issue here on a clean install. Just get the apple symbol fo 2-4 minutes then black screen, it just keeps looping.

Hi, where you able to fix this issue?

I Did finished the Jailbreak but when connecting on the TV there was no image.

I am trying aTV Flash to see if it finds it on the network. But no luck so far.

Please help.