Black screen on trailers

The trailers the audio is heard but I don’t know the image, the tests are the following:

1- If you pause the audio is heard but there is no image.
2- I reproduce it again the image is seen in pause but the sound continues being listened.
3- If instead of exiting I press the back button 5s or those that you have configured it plays correctly.

Code: YV4DA

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There’s a bug in version 7.7.3 (4799) where trailers display a black screen: the audio functions correctly. I’ve tested this across different trailers and tried seeking within the trailers as well, but the issue persists.

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What device and device OS?

I had the same, on my Apple TV. Happened twice, but thought nothing of it, interesting knowing someone else has had the same thing happen to them.

Is it repeatable on the same trailer?

Is it on all trailers?

Is it still doing it?

What tvOS version?

Which Apple TV Model?

Thanks for setting up a dedicated thread for this issue.

Here are the device details for reference:

  • Model: A2169
  • Year: 2021
  • OS: tvOS 17.4 (20L227)

This problem persists across all trailers

Hello, same problem for me. On an Apple TV 4K, tvOS 17.4. However, i have to stop and restart the same trailer to see the video trailer.

This appears to be a system bug introduced in a recent Apple update. The issue is floating and can also be seen when using older versions of Infuse on current Apple software.

We are looking into potential options for working around this issue.

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We’ve been investigating this issue, and believe it was related to a temporary issue with our trailer service provider. As of today, things appear to be working normally.

Please let us know if you continue to see issues in this area.

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