Black Screen on reading Videos via AirPlay on AppleTV 1st Gen

Dear All,

I do use a 1st gen AppleTV, with its OS 3.0.2… I did install RemoteHD 4.3.5 and use on my iPad2 RemoteHD 4.2.2 and have ATV Fash 4.3.11 installed.

I can AirPlay pictures and musics without any problem, but when I try to AirPlay a video, I only get the sound of that video… I can see the player bar (with the play button, length,…) that disappear after 5 secs, but then appart from the sound of the video which is OK, my screen remains completly black.

I’ve tried with the applications “Videos” and  “YouTube”, same results.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for your help,