Black screen from tethered booting

After working for a few days, now all I get from tethered booting is a black screen on my AppleTV 2.

The tethered booting is told to be completed successfully but all I get is the black screen.

If I turn on the AppleTV without tethering, all I get is the Apple logo.

I had the same issue.  I had to re-jailbreak it, then re-apply the atv software and it worked fine after that.  Definitely a pain but it worked after all of that.  Previously I had tried rebooting tethered a couple times; each time was a black screen but sound worked.

Thanks, this is what the firecore support guys told me:

"Hi, please try re-jailbreaking with the latest 0.6.9 (36) version and let us know if the issue persists."

I did and it worked. Yes, definitely a pain.