Black screen and time skips


This might be a format issue but it isn’t Hi10 or 1080p or anything. Just standard anime . What happens is the screen is black when I press play and it just gradually skips fast to the end of the video. E.g. 0:00 --> 2:33 --> 6:00 -->10:00 --> End.


Is this a known bug?

This is also discussed in this post:

It should be a known bug, but no fix as far as I have seen has been offered yet.

I’m all for bringing up this topic as many times as possible.

Yeah I bought it after trying it because I loved the UI and of course to support the developer but so far the money has been wasted as I can’t even watch anything I want to on Infuse 2 :frowning:

This is a known issue, and something we are working to address in version 2.2. :slight_smile: