Black screen and then default screensaver? But no menu.

Hello folks

Recently the audio on my ATV 1 gen. dissapeared. At the time it was running with a USB harddrive as primary drive and working fine.

I restarted the ATV to find a continuous restart. I then followed the solution in the forum(regarding the plist delete with LAST FM) connecting to ATV via FTP. This has brought me my present position.

I have on startup the startup movie with sound and then black screen. After a while the default screensaver. But NO menu. The ATV reacts to the remote (stops the screensaver).

I can access the ATV via FTP.

Does anybody have an idea how to get back to normal, without a general reset???




Thomas Salomonsson

what happens if you do a general reset? is it just the time to run through the reset procedure, upgrade, and re-flash (takes about two hours)?

What happens to all the stuff I have on my Harddisk? Wouldn´t I loose it? If not then I could go for the reset.

I can answer the last one myself.:)




If I setup my external drive as primary, and then switch back to the internal drive will the media be removed from my external drive?

No. Media will never be deleted from the internal or external drive without your knowledge.

If I switch back to the internal drive so the AppleTV software can be updated, and then switch back to external do I need to resync all my media to the external drive?

No. If you attempt to use an external drive that was previously used as primary storage the previously synced files will be recognized and the normal format and copy steps will be skipped.


I´m going for a reset now.
Thamks for your answer

Greetings from Bonn