Black screen after perian 1.5.1 update?

I am not sure what I did, everything has been working perfectly, but all the sudden I cannot see any of my videos files. avi’s, mp4, mkv, they are all just black screens? the audio is playing fine and I can use the FF and RW, but no image?

I may have updated my Perian too 1.5.1 right before this happened.

I also was noodling around at some of the settings and installs and perhaps adjusted something somewhere else!!

I would love any ideas on how to fix this VERY annoying issue.


Did you install Perian manually?

I installed via NitoTV

I read somewhere about XBMC not having issues with 4.1, so I installed and booted it up, plays all the files perfectly? That seems really odd to me, I guess it is not using the same codecs?

I tried toggling the H.264 menu, that had no effect.

I will use XBMC until the next update and hopefully that will resolve whatever issues I am facing.

Any things greatly appreciated.


If needed, you can remove the current version of Perian and reinstall via the Maintenance → Install Extras menu.

Not recommended to use nito to install stuff unless you are specifically told to…

Use the Maintenance → Install Extras menu instead. So follow guardianmax advice and uninstall and reinstall via maintenance menus, and most likely it will work again.

XBMC does not rely on external codecs, XBMC uses mplayer and ffdshow.

Thanks very much.