Black scene details missing

Hello, I recenlty got my new QD-OLED monitor MSI MPG 321URX. When playing the episode Game.of.Thrones.S08E03 I noticed the scene is really dark, the mountain in the background is not visible at all. Then I swiched to VLC player and played the same scene, much better and the details of the mountain is visible. Could it be a comatible issue with the new QD-OLED monitor? It was rencelty released and pretty new. For this particular model “MPG 321URX”, there are two HDR mode, “True Black 400” and “Peak 1000 nits”. I have tried both on infuse but I got the same dark image as in picture 1.

Apple TV 4k(2021), HDR mode true balck 400 enabledenabled, infuse

Apple TV 4k(2021), HDR mode true balck 400 enabled, VLC player

MediaInfo file:
mediaInfo.txt (43.2 KB)

It may help if you’d run that episode file through mediainfo and post the results here.

I would also check to ensure you have the Match Content options enabled on the Apple TV.

Yes both Match Dynamic Range and Match Frame Rate are turned on.

Hi, I have uploaded the mediainfo file to the post as text attachement.

A quick Google search shows this display may have a bug where SDR settings are carried over to HDR mode. This means adjusting the SDR settings may have an impact on the appearance of HDR content as well.

This video has a bit more info on this.

AFAIK, VLC does not support HDR output so the video you are seeing there is likely being converted to SDR, which is why it is different. You can test Infuse’s handling of SDR output by setting the Apple TV into SDR mode, and then disabling the ‘Match Dynamic Range’ option to prevent Infuse from switching to HDR mode.