Black Covers for movies are back!

I was very happy about the last release (6.4.3) with most of poster issue fixed, but today some movies posters are black again (the actual poster is ok on movie details page view).

So i will try a rescan from scratch (for the 10th time in the last month), but i have a big library and it’s very annoying.
I’m getting tired of this software.

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In the Library, or favorite, or both?

Any chance you’re connected via DLNA?

Local server or cloud service?

When you go to the Library settings, does it show fetching artwork or anything other than "Last Update:…)?

In library and favorite.
SMB connection.
Local server.

In library setting, it says “last update”

It acts exactly as before 6.4.3.

When 6.4.3 was available I rescanned my library and everything went fine since today when black covers come back (for about 10 movies out of 600).

The only change I made since the update (and the rescan) was adding 1 movie and 1 season.

I also noticed a strange behavior: the metadata size was 1GB after the rescan, but, after I added 1 movie and 1 season is become 650 MB…it makes no sense, but probably has nothing to do with the black posters issue.

So only 10 movies have black covers?


And are there currently posters in the correct language on TMDB for those 10?

What do you get when you do an Edit Metadata and re-select the correct entry for those 10 movies?

In the past, that happens to me when a movie have “internal” metadata, there is an option in settings that says something like this:
Prefer internal metadata instead of online metadata.

Really sorry my bad English, I’m from Uruguay and Spanish is my mother tongue.

So try that or in my case erase the internal metadata.

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I think you’re talking about “Embedded Metadata” and you’re right, best to make sure this is turned off in settings. :wink:

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Yes, absolutely.
As I said the black posters come back for no reason, because after 6.4.3 release I rescanned the library from scratch and that poster was there.
Now the actual posters are black only in the movie wall (both in favorite and library). In the movie detail page, the posters are ok.

I wander if there’s some problem with images cache, but the only way to fix is to clear metadata and, honestly, I’m very sick of this.

Does anything change when you try this on one of the movies with black posters?

could you provide the names of a few of the 10 that are causing problems?

When I tried to edit nothing happens…it remains the same. (I’m pretty sure it’s something in the cache).

Anyway some of the names are : Death on the Nile, Delicatessen, Deadpool 1 and 2

I know it gets aggravating at times. It does appear that Delicatessen does not have an English poster but the other two do.

Just to cover another base, did you verify that you have “Embedded Metadata” turned off in the Infuse settings?

One other thought, have you restarted the ATV from the ATV Settings? (I’m guessing you have but just to put a check mark beside it.)

I did everything, nothing fixed it.
Anyway the movies are fetched in Italian and they all have poster on TMDB.
As I said, the posters was there for a few days after 6.4.3, then turns black for no reason.

I’m sure is a cache issue. I’ill wait for the next update and I’ll rebuild all from scratch…for the last time.
I’m truly sick of all this issues.

Re install infuse?.. I’m guessing
Or … restore de ATV.
I’m giving you this options because you clear the cache and the problem back…

Re install Infuse :smiley:

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We haven’t seen any other reports of this since the release of 6.4.3, but you may try installing today’s 6.4.4 update to see if this has any effect.

I have noticed this behavior, if multiple Apple devices all running Infuse in the same network and sync. to the identical iCloud, but one of the devices has the setting “collect metadata” unchecked.

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Basically this Black Covers or previously White Covers never get solve since it appear.

It appear from time to time.

I am using Plex Plugin for Infuse in Apple TV 4K and custom cover most the time.
I have 2978 movies and 2933 TV episodes for the moment. Metadata size is 3GB.

Short solution - change cover at Plex and refresh at Infuse, later change back prefer cover and refresh again at Infuse.

This is kind of annoying already.

Before it happen, it work perfectly fine, now from time to time this happen, when this happen, after sometimes it also happen cover load very slow, when that happen, re-generate all metadata is required. Also when all this happen, crash will happen from time to time.

We’re looking into one issue which appears to be specific to Plex.

Are you seeing black posters with a white ticket icon inside, like this?