Black colors not showing correctly

Do you have same issues or just me ??

You mean finding only one shoe?


What do you mean ??

You didn’t say what problem you were referring to and you didn’t explain the pic on your TV so I thought we were supposed to guess what your issue was by the pic you posted.


You said exactly what I thought but I declined to reply in case I was missing something obvious. :grinning:

The middle of tv

You are going to have to explain what the problem is. We have no idea of what you have on the screen or how you got there.

What is it that you are trying to show? Details are much needed.

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The first one on my plex my screen is black
The socend on infuse black and gray is confusing

Is this like that dress thing? Because they both look blue to me. This is very confusing.

Most LCD panels don’t do a good job reproducing colors at that much of an off-center angle.

Suggest you take a new set of pictures at night, when the room is dark, and with the camera lens directly in front of the center of the screen; and then crop out everything but the TV so we can perhaps see what you want us to.

Check to ensure you have the Match Content options enabled.

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