Bit rate stats

Is there a way to see the bit rate and additional tech info for what’s playing?


Not in infuse. You would need to use something like mediainfo.

I know how to do that, but other streamers (like Dune, for example) will let me view the info. Why is that important?
It really helps me understand what I’m watching or hearing if I know what audio format is and what the bitrates are for the video source.

Infuse will tell you if a movie is HD or 4K or DD or True HD. Besides that how will you use the data? Do you have lots of copies of the same movie and need to pick the best or are you just curious? Or are you having buffering issues?

I’m a picture quality aficionado and have multiple copies of files.

Infuse currently doesn’t have that as a feature. You can start a thread in the Suggestions forum requesting that and others who would also like that feature can up vote the suggestion. :wink:

It’s been asked for before. I also would love to see it, make sure I’m getting bit rates I expect.

I have been asking for this for years. Nothing happens.

Do you have another suggestion thread to share that they can upvote? Or maybe this one is now better?