Bit depth query?

Can the apple tv output only at 8 bit.When i play HDR FIles on infuse or other app i can find the output to be only at YCBCR 8 bit and when i play dolby vision it outputs at RGB 8bit.I can see HDR but i go into the info it shows as 8 bit.I tried using Netflix too same bitdepth.Doesnt Apple tv output at true 10bit.

The Apple TV 4K can output 8-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit depending on your video settings.

Of course, you will need to ensure you entire pipeline HDMI cable, AV receiver (if applicable), and TV are capable of 10-bit or 12-bit video. This usually means HDMI 2.0a, or later.

I connecting everything to a Marrantz 6013 and output to LG CX.I also use a HTPC.When i play 4k UHD bluray disc on xbox one s it outputs at RGB 10bit and i cant output RGB 12bit from my htpc.But Apple tv iis outputting only at 8bit.I shall try to replace the hdmi cable and will update

You may have to reset video settings in Apple TV.

There was another guy who had a similar problem with a denon receiver and the problem was fixed when he replaced the receiver. AppleTV has had known compatibility issues with some receivers. If you search avforum you’ll find similar posts. Have you updated firmware on the receiver?

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I tried changing the cable,swapping ports on my reciever and even connecting the apple tv straight into the TV.No change.I even reset my video settings.I am getting dolby vision and HDR10 in infuse and other apps but when i check the Video info on my CX it shows 4:2:2 at 8 bit for HDR and RGB 8bit for Dolby vision.

I believe you still have to go into the settings on the ATV and test and prove the video out settings so it will output the higher levels tested with the current cable.

Do you have hdmi deep color enabled? Also how are you able to check the video info with those details. I can only get 4K Dolby Vision out of mine. No color space or bit rate

All settings are enabled.While playing a video try pressing the green button on the remote a couple of times,it should bring up the freesync information which has some info on bitdepth.Check yours and let me know thanks

It definitely does support higher but rates. My setup AppleTV 4K → Sony strdh1080 → lg b7p

I get up to 4:2:2 10bit

Check your TV and receiver settings.

I have enbled HDMI deep colour and checked by directly connecing to the TV,I reset the video settings on the apple tv.I can see dolby vision logo popping up while playing DV files but when i check the bitdepth it shows as RGB 8bit.I dont know what else to do

I don’t think the freesync overlay is accurate for this. Since it’s not actually a freesync source it doesn’t understand it. For instance when I play an HDR only file the info guide says Bt.2020 which has to be 10-12 bits even though overlay says 8bits.

Also when I played a 4K Blu-ray in HDR (not DV) it showed as 12bit even though it should be 10.

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Oh ok.I just moved to the LG CX after using Samsung for over 5 years.I thought it would be accurate.Then there isnt any problem.Thanks

The Marantz should be able to tell you the exact input and output settings. Try clicking the receiver info button twice. I can do that on my Denon and it’s the exact same gui in a different color.

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Ya it shows 10bit and 12bit respectively.I thought the tv showed accurate bitdepth.My bad.Thanks

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And through this I discovered that the CX remote can control the Apple TV. :+1:t2:

Haha good work

To add to this. Vincent says that Lg TVs can’t determine whether it is 8, 10, or 12 bit from the packet info

Ya I saw the video too.We should determine using the ycbcr 422 for Hdr10 and rgb for Dolby vision

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