Big problem version 7 with the subtitles

hello, the problem that I explain does not exist with version 6 pro ,only version 7
-video used is a remux with PGS subtitle.
I am watching a movie with forced subtitle, the first subtitle does not appear, it is normally at the top (overlay in the image of an English subtitle at the bottom). I move the video back 5 seconds and the subtitle appears !

if I don’t touch anything, the first subtitle does not appear at the top, and the 2nd subtitle normally appears at the bottom.I made a bug report with the video
(sorry if english is bad)

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Thanks for the report!

We’ve identified this issue and are working on a fix.

I noticed this bug me too…
it’s strange because it seems hapen only on my new remux added
with my previous remux already played with infuse 6, i have not this problem.

But, anyway, if you have already identified the bug, it’s great :grin:

Just wait for the fix :wink:


Do you have an idea when the fix will be released ?

Still the same problem with infuse 7.2… :pensive:

We have a number of playback related optimizations coming in 7.2.1, and this includes a few things for subtitles in particular.

Ok thanks for your feedback James :wink:

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After have tested the version 7.2.1, i can confirm that the problem has been fixed :grin:

Thanks for your work :grin:


That’s great to hear! :raised_hands:

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