Big HomePod BACK! Just not as Big

And a some new features for both HomePod and HomePod Mini

Those of you that have the original HomePod take note.

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Now if infuse supported homekit we could do something if it got too hot :rofl:

My dream would be that Apple enables using 4-7 of these for a surround setup. I currently use two of them on my desk and the Atmos effects are good, but could definitely be improved in a living room setup with them placed to the side and behind.

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My credit card starts to cry. :grinning:

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The biggest problem I find with the HomePods is there’s not a lot of bass. You’re missing anything below 50 Hz, which is a significant portion of LFE channels and a significant portion of the experience. I would much rather have dedicated stereo speakers with a subwoofer, than surround with HomePods, but that’s just my personal taste.

I guess Apple needs to release a HomePod max or HomePod ultra

Is the bass really not that strong?
I have soundbar with a dedicated subwoofer and I’m thinking about buying two of the new HomePods to replace the soundbar.
I mostly read, that the sound quality, especially bass, should be really really good.

Well we don’t know what the new one will be like. We might see a slight improvement to bass, but it also comes down to listening habits. Generally music isn’t going to need as low frequency response as movies would although it can still get down low. The <60Hz range is considered low bass. This is when you move from hearing into the feeling range. Another thing too is that it is physically impossible to have loud enough bass without physically moving a ton of air. A small sub, let alone a HomePod just won’t get there.

Now depending on the sub you currently have it might possibly be an upgrade or a downgrade. Because of the spatial audio magic the majority of the sound may be better than the sound bar. Best option is to get the HomePods and try them out and see what you think.

I recently upgraded my subwoofer and it’s quite amazing what I can hear that I never heard before (and I thought that the last time I upgraded :rofl:) And there is no way a HomePod could come close. A $400 sub gets you down to maybe 30Hz and double that to get to 20 or so. They even make subs down to 15Hz. At that point it really is just the feeling. It is an important distinction that having a big subwoofer isn’t just about being able to provide loud bass but also quiet and clean bass. That is one thing that stands out to me is hearing (and feeling) new quiet sounds. Sorry about the rant. Just try it out and get what sounds good to you and your setup.

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Hm, yeah I understand. I will wait a few weeks for tests and maybe I purchase a pair and try it out.
The thing is, just as you said, Spartial audio - or two speakers is why I am thinking about this. THe soundbar is static, I hope two speakers will give you more room.
Thanks for the explanation.

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