Big 4K HDR remuxes become ansty

Hi people,

I need some help.
My setup: Synology NAS DS214play, LG OLED, AppleTV 4K, Gigabit wired Ethernet.

Some time ago I purchased Infuse 5 Pro because my LG OLED was unable to play all video formats especially 4K HEVC. I was more than happy for a long time, but after AppleTV update big (50-70GB) movies become ansty. The sound doesn’t have any troubles, but image is not smooth and clear as it must be. I gave a try to Infuse 6 Pro and bought monthly subscription, but all the same.
Since that time LG update the TV itself and I can compare movie playing. LG is smooth and clear, but buffering from time to time is killing (it has only 100MB Ether).
Not all of the videos in Infuse become are ansty, only a few of 4K remuxes.
I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do.

P.S. I’m wondering about pricing. Infuse 6 Pro in App store cost $24.99, Infuse Pro 6 (upgrade) - $34.99 and ugrading in app 6 version from non pro to Pro is $44.99

I’m sorry for the quality, but you can see how it works here

If you’re using tvOS 13 infuse 6 had a ton of foxes applied to optimize performance for the OS. Those optimizations are not in infuse 5.

I gave the second try to Infuse 6 and it is better, much better! I don’t know why a month ago the same ‘6 pro’ was the same as 5, but the last version (6.2?) has better performance! Thanks for help

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