.bif file support

Emby would creates bif file for video preview thumbnails under media folders, so i wonder if infuse can just read those files to speed up the preview? Thanks!

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Apologies if I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking for as it’s thrown me when you say “under media folders?”

But infuse already generates video preview thumbnails on the fly regardless of connecting to Plex, Emby, Jellyfin or Infuse natively.
If you’re not seeing them then I’m guessing you have chapter controls enabled? If so, then disable it in settings and you will see video preview thumbnails whilst scrubbing through files.

Again apologies if you’re asking for something else.

yep i know infuse can generate video preview thumbnails, but it always takes 1-3 seconds for large videos. If the internet connection is bad, it will take longer time. However for emby, it has already generated bif files, which always smaller than 10mb. I wonder if infuse can directly read these files, so the preview experiences can be much better.

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Right gotcha.

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