Beware loss of functionality at subscription renewal time

I purchased the Infuse 5 Pro subscription in early December, but it seems I was actually running on the initial free month trial. The subscription became due a few days ago, but as I was travelling, I didn’t have any Internet connectivity. Infuse dropped back into basic mode and as a result blocked access to my loaded movies. :frowning:

Once I had Internet connectivity again I had to sign into the App Store within Infuse to complete the pending In-App purchase and restore functionality. I guess the same thing could happen for any future renewals. This sort of thing is why I was reluctant to go down the subscription route. A little bit of a warning or grace period would have been nice.

Thanks for the feedback.

We’re working to include a built-in grace period for cases just like this. This will be available starting in the next update (5.3).

Sounds good. Maybe also a reminder the week before so people can plan accordingly?