Better support for local files and folders

Local folder support is still a work in progress. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: great to hear :slight_smile:
But… nothing is more important then the most basic stuff…
Who cares about HDR or 4K or other amazing things if I can’t even scan my local hard drive or external ones.


As a developer my self, I think it’s important to remember that this is a new device type in the Infuse Eco System. Never before has there been the possibility to access a local file system, so it’s no wonder this feature is currently lacking. Just getting Infuse on Mac to a feature parity with tvOS and iOS is going to be a huge effort for the team. I have no doubt that this feature will be along shortly. :sunglasses:



Yes, sorry if I sound ruff , I have no idea how everything works in a development world :slight_smile:
I’m big fan and I’m with Firecore from the times of first Apple TV, no one is doing better stuff then you guys :slight_smile:
I will love to test infuse and help with everything, but it’s hard to keep adding 3-4 seasons of tv show by one episode at the time.
That’s why I think adding folders from local sources is just basics.

Recently came across an email I sent Infuse support about bringing it to the Mac in 2015! So I am over the moon about it coming to the Mac.

The first thing I did today when trying out the beta was to try and simply add a “Watch” folder. I think the Mac is fundamentally different from iOS/iPadOS in relation to Infuse because for many it is the hub of where our Movies lie, rather than a device pointing to the hub. I think the functionality of simply pointing it to a folder or folders of choice for Infuse to parse is definitely more intuitive than having to setup an Share and point it to that and/or forcing one specific local folder only to be watched. My two cents, but so far the interface/playback controls are an absolute joy to use… what a breath of fresh air

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I can’t add a folder as favorite in Home tab .
Anyone with the same problem ?

Hi. Please, could you elaborate a little more about the process? I’m trying and can’t get it working.

Should I add the folders previously to shared folders or something like that? It’s my first Mac so a bit confused.

Also, Infuse asks me an Address for the SMB server, and also let me set ports and the same. Should I do something with these items?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the mess :s

Today’s beta 5 update adds the ability to add local folders to the library.

This option can be found by opening the Add Files menu.

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Oh, Fantastic! Thanks.

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Wow :)) major step forward! Thank you so much:) I’m going back to infuse then :slight_smile:
I’m big fan, used your company software from the days of first Apple TV :slight_smile: miss this times :slight_smile:

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