Better support for local files and folders

When adding a file source, can you choose to add a local folder?


In future versions, wish we could add macOS local folders into the infuse library, not only web/lan based directories.


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You can actually do this in the current alpha.

  1. Add your local Mac as a share via Settings > Add Files > Available Shares
  2. Browse the share and add folder favorites as needed

This will allow these folders to be available to you locally on macOS, and they can also be streamed on other devices (the connection and favorites will sync via iCloud).


Thanks, but not ideal

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Feature request: I’d like to have downloaded files easily accessible. “Show in finder” would be a minimum while I would like to have this files in an Infuse folder within macOS’ “Movies” folder. It’s quite a pain to navigate to “/Users/username/Library/Containers/”


Feature request: Being able to only see downloaded videos.

I want to display all vidéos files from a directory on my local MacBook Pro.
I can’t find this “basic” option.
I can see a local directory if for example I enable local SFTP share, but by default I do not found how to display all files from a local directory without enable local share.


Can’t you do that in the settings via FILES?

I can select file by file, but I would to see all files by selected directly the parent directory.

I went to Settings, Add Files… then found in the list … which was actually a SMB share, and entered my Usercode and password and Saved. Then from the list of Saved Shares I was able to browse the content on my Mac (the same one with Infuse on it).

Hope that helps.

I also have the same problem, and now I use the SMB to realize that. Although it’s a little troublesome, using experience doesn’t seem to be very different from direct displaying local files.

Yes it works with a smb share.
But I’m surprised that I need to configure a network share (smb, sftp, …) for see the videos on my local Mac. That a simple directory browsing is not sufficient.
I do not know if it is a limitation from Infuse of from the Mac OS.

We have a few things in progress to better handle adding local files to the Library.

  1. Downloaded files will be located in ~/Movies/Infuse
  2. The contents of ~/Movies will be added to Infuse’s library

wish we could choose which folders in /Movies will be added to infuse automatically

@james You are already offering to add localy stored single files. A typicla workflow for a Mac user would allow him, to choose a folder from here, not only single files. In this way many Mac applications allow adding multiple files. That would therefor be the most convenient and logical path to implement the functionality to work with local directories.

Great to see a Mac version coming. But the first thing, that i noticed in the Beta was, that i wasn’t able to add a folder full of video files stored locally on my Mac. How can i achieve this? It would be such an obvious function.

Hello, my suggestion: I would like to see local library support on a Mac. I can add network shares and so, but I can’t add folder with movies on a local drive. Maybe I am only doing something wrong…
Thank you.

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From a user perspective a free choice of local folders added to the Infuse library would be a better solution. I am probably not he only one, NOT storing my local series and movies on the user’s Movies folder.

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How about a way to just say to the app : my videos are in that folder add them all at once
I find it hard just to add several files on the app.
Plus a check box to hide some sensitive files would be great

it felt like the app was just taken to the mac
the settings should not be on the side bar

hello, how do I add my local folders ? :((((( only servers and shares ?
I have 3 folders in my hard drives, I will like to add to infuse library, but I can’t…via files its not good , it only gives me to add one by one file, and I have 600-800 of tv episodes