Better sorting, filters, ways to explore content

I prefer Infuse over Plex for all sorts of reasons but one thing it Plex does have are plenty of ways to discover your content. It would be great if Infuse let you sort by actor, director, and complicated genre “blends” a la Netflix, but also intelligently present movie suggestions on start.

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It’s crazy to me that features like OneDrive for Business are scheduled for implementation when this basic functionality isn’t.

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I would love features that improve the ability to explore/discover content. I begrudgingly still use Plex to browse my content (posters are loaded instantly, easier to discover stuff, see ratings, watch trailers), and then switch to Infuse to stream.

Yeah, I would be using plex to browse too if it supported DVD images. It doesn’t make any sense that Infuse is designed for users who want a powerful way to stream video without transcoding, but is so unfriendly to the large libraries those users are likely to have. There is simply no functional way to sort through a large amount of content with Infuse currently. There are a few filters for genre and release date but they can be quite inaccurate and just throw another very long list at you.

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