Better solution for infuse + Google drive?

I’ve been streaming on infuse directly from google drive. Normally I download movies from torrent sites and then upload them to my google drive(unlimited team drive),but upload is always slow and the whole routine is quite tedious. I wonder if there’s a better way to do all that. I found some websites that can download torrent files directly to google drive, but they all have data limit and the “premium” is too expensive. Is there a better way?

Perhaps a seedbox that uses Merger_FS such as Ultraseedbox.

There are two options really doing this with Infuse. You would need a seperate SFTP mount for the seedbox itself. Or you can install Plex, Emby or Jellyfin on the seedbox and connect Infuse to it. This second option works flawlessly as it’s how I used to do things before I moved to local storage.

All the files will download to the seedbox itself and will be instantly available as will all your existing files on Google. Then on an automated daily schedule the files on the seedbox will upload to Google and still play seamlessly even if you’re watching a file as it uploads.