Better scrobble support for double episodes

Hey, I wasn’t sure where to post this questions, but I guess it is a suggestion so I hope this fits the category.

Some shows I watch split their episodes into two parts, and often combine this episode to a double. So instead of having part I and part II, it’s just one episode.
The convention for these are [The TV Show - S01E05E06], but Infuse only scrobbles S01E05 and not S01E06, so I have to manually mark one as watched.

Is it possible this can be fixed, so it somehow scrobbes both at the same time, or scrobbles one, then mark the other part as watched on Trakt.
I hope the Trakt API doesn’t limit this feature, and it can be implemented in Infuse. It would be really nice. 

Yes it will be nice to add this feature :slight_smile: