Better implementation of back \ forward skip?

I have a few problems with fwd \ back skip that I’d like to see improved. At first I thought about writing it in suggestions but I’d consider most of these as bugs.

This post refers to bugs while clicking on the left or right side of the remote which triggers 10 seconds skip. I don’t care for the x1 x2 x3 x4 fast forward feature and this post isn’t about it. (not sure if forward skip is the right terminology but I wanted to differentiae it from fast forwarding)

Two main issues:

  • Forward \ backward skip is really slow. Sometimes it will take 2 seconds, sometimes more than 10 seconds (first click on the Infuse video) which defeats the purpose of skipping 10 seconds in the first place.

  • Clicking rapidly 3-4 times on left \ right on the remote while a video is playing will not be consistent.
    Sometimes it will jump 40 seconds as expected
    Sometimes it will trigger x1 \ x2 \ x3 \ x4 fast forwarding (which is very annoying) (also in the Infuse video)
    Sometimes it will jump 20 seconds etc’.
    And will always be very slow.

I’ve uploaded two videos, the first is Infuse, the second is Plex.
Turn on the volume to hear when I click on the remote and when the click registers on the app.

Please note how intuitive and fast the plex implementation is for a single click and for a few clicks in a row. (Both are playing the same movie on the same 1gig network)




Edit: The movie for reference is Avengers Infinity War 2160p TrueHD Atmos 7.1 HEVC REMUX.

From my testing, skipping a 720p movie will work a lot better than skipping a high bitrate 2160p REMUX, although the network is fully capable as you can see in the PLEX video.


I can confirm I have the same exact issue. Running on Apple TV 4k (2021) latest siri remote. Plex it works fine. Connected locally through a 1gbps ethernet connection.

@james should this be moved to the Video Playback section?

I am not sure if its me or the app, but I am presuming that it should only start doing 2x/3x… when you hold the arrow buttons and should still be able to do multiple 10 sec skips when pressing? at the moment it seems to be confusing double presses with hold.

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Is this on Apple TV?

Which remote are you using?

@james yes, I am using the Siri remote for 4k.
My issue is similar to what @Shasoosh has posted.

did a double click and then back (to cancel fast forward mode) here ↓

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Hey infuse team, did you get a chance to take a look at this?


Can also confirm I have the same issues as @Shasoosh. Apple TV 4K 2021, GBit ethernet.

Could this be related to a performance hit due to the what seems like a large buffer cache? For example any file that loads up that is quite large, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have erratic / non responsive skip behaviour in the first 30 second or so.

Then if I 1 - 4x FFWD through that section, it seems to be buffer quite aggressively again and seems to have the same symptoms.

When skipping / seeking, I’m assuming the alternate coloured bar is the buffer? If so I’m guessing it will have quite a large CPU hit when it does that.

I confirm as well the issue
Apple TV 4K, giga Ethernet to nas: fast forward of 10s likely to take more than 10s
Mac, WiFi, same file: fast forward smooth as a charm

I would really appreciate a smoother experience on the Apple TV

Bumping this issue. Are there any plans addressing this?