Better deinterlacing options?

I have a lot of DVD remuxes (mostly old cartoons) which are interlaced (mix of interlacing and 3:2 pulldown). Unfortunately Infuse’s default deinterlace method options doesn’t provide the best image quality, so they look a little blocky. Are there plans to add other deinterlace options?

This is something we may look into adding on the ATV4K as compared to the ATV4 it has quite a bit more processing power which may make implementing some more advanced deinterlacing methods a practical solution.

Moving to suggestions for now.


I noticed some pretty bad motion handling with 1080i 29.97 content so I’d really appreciate any progress in this regard.
PM me if you need a sample.

I would also like to add my request for better deinterlacing on Apple TV 4K, particularly for OTA television feeds. I currently use the HD Homerun Quattro for TV reception.

Watching fast panning content (like sports or the start of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and ticker symbols (like on CNN or CBS This Morning) in Infuse (served from Plex Media Server) are blurred or blocky.

Watching the same TV network feed using Channels and HD Homerun, the content is much clearer. And you can read the ticker content.

Looking into this further: Channels current default deinterlacer is linear (60fps). Both Channels and MrMC plan to switch to yadif2x for ATV4K.

Separately, in Infuse, the episode details described the video as 1080p. But, it is a 1080i ATSC feed, recorded by Plex. The same episode in Plex correctly reflects that it is 1080i. Not sure why Infuse has the wrong description, why Infuse doesn’t get the info correctly from Plex, or if this impacts video deinterlacing.

Infuse 5.7.5 on tvOS 12.0 16J5334e on ATV 4K

I‘d like to see better deinterlacing in Infuse, too. Of course, i have a lot of HD content where video is progressiv and no deinterlacing is required. But there is an amount of videos which are SD content and interlaced. Deinterlacing looks pretty bad with Infuse compared to KODI on a Raspberry Pi or MrMC in Apple TV. Switching to another does not make fun as I like Infuse so much.

I have a ticket open with Firecore. Since I first commented in August, I have asked them to examine the feasibility of using the bwdif filter. This is an improved version of the BBC’s w3fdif deinterlacer. And it is 6-8x faster than the nnedi filter. See:

Regarding using a better deinterlacer:

I assume based on Github that you are using FFMPEG within Infuse. If so, can you please test applying the bwdiif filter? I have been testing that on my Mac for deinterlacing 1080i OTA content and it looks great. If the ATV 4K has the ponies, then it would be great to use the bwdif filter for deinterlacing 480i and 1080i content.

I have a number of video files from Plex DVR that I can send you if needed. But, in short, the current Infuse implement performs very poorly on content with lateral movement—be it sports or graphics.

Did anything ever happen with your ticket?

In version 6.0.3 released 2019-04-16 they added:

New video deinterlacing options (Yadif & IVTC)

No mention of bwdif, though.

For me, neither of those look very good for recorded 1080i TV shows.

I really wish bwdif was implemented, it is far superior to yadif with less processor needed.

as we now have a good scaler it would be great to also have a better deinterlacer. The current deinterlacer seems to be very basic and the quality is not the best. I think the Apple TV 4k should be potential enough for e.g. a YADIF deinterlacer.

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This is available in Infuse 6.0.3 which is now available. :slight_smile:

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