Beta7: Cloud backup of metadata?

Beta7 looks really intriguing and I’m again seriously considering buying aTV Flash. Couple of quick questions:

  1. Cloud backups sound great. However, does it also backup metadata that aTV Flash has fetched or, if we update the Apple TV (when Apple releases new software), will we have to re-fetch all the data again?

  2. Is there any chance that aTV Flash could put together a plug-in that will allow it to sync meta-data with Plex (at the very least, watch/unwatched)? I’m not saying that it should depend on the Plex media server being available, just that if it is detected on the network, it will sync meta-data.

Yes, cloud backups will include 3rd party settings and metadata that has been fetched by Media Player.

We’ve had a few requests for some type of sync capabilities, so we may look into adding that in a future version.