Beta6 Mediaplayer: remote, metadata

Mediaplayer is becoming a fantastic app. Is metadata supposed to work? It would be nice but where would the metadata be stored and would it cause memory issues?

If you have the ATV2 learn a remote and set up the playback buttons then Mediaplayer does not take advantage of them. Is that a bug or just normal? I would have thought that remotes defined by the ATV2 would be universal.

Anyway, great stuff. Mediaplayer alone justifies aTV Flash.






Metadata is working, but it’s limited to movies only right now. Fetching metadata should not lead to any memory issues.

I’ll pass along the remote suggestion and see what we can do.

Metadata works great with my M4V (aka MP4 aka H264) files.   It is able to identify even some relatively obscure and rare movies.  Not sure if its using the labels in the files themselves, or some algorythm to pull the identification from within the movie itself (like some audio tracks).  Whatever it does, it is working well.

Great to hear. :)

Media Player has a few ways it can locate the title, it starts by using the tags embedded in the file itself, and if none are present will use the filename.

Does it require a certain naming conventon? For example can it use a folder name or similar xbmc methods? Does it use imdb? I must be doing something wrong as it has never been able to fetch metadata and I do have it enabled.



You shouldn’t have to do anything too fancy, as it’s able to pick up most movie names even if they have typos in the filename.

That said, there are a few issues related to metadata fetching we are working to resolve, so the next version may work a bit better for you.


I’m just wondering if the metadata is supposed to actually SAVE? - Media player finds the data OK on my files but when i go back to it later it seems to have to ‘fetch’ it again? Is there some sort of setting that can save it?? Surely it shouldn’t have to retrieve the data everytime i use mediaplayer?





This is a bug, and should be resolved soon.


Thanks very much!!

Would love metadata support for tv series. Do you know when this will be available?

Movie metadata works perfectly. Great work!




This hasn’t been solved yet in Media Player 0.7! Is it on the agenda for the next version?



We’re looking into a few cases where metadata is being refetched even though it’s already been downloaded.