Beta6 - DVD inconsistency

Firstly, thank you for the continued hard work on this product - Beta6 really does play video a lot smoother and for the first time it smoothly plays .dvdmedia images I’ve made using RipIt.  There’s still a lot of inconsistency though with the way Media Player handles .dvdmedia / movie folders.


Some moves go to the menu first and allow me to navigate as usual, select bonus features, change the audio language etc beautifully.

Other movies however will skip the menus and go straight to the main title, which isn’t a problem but it’d be nice to be able to see the menu first in case I want to watch bonus features etc. 

Beta6 can clearly decode DVD menus and does a marvellous job on some of my films, so I’m not sure why it skips the menus on others.

Hi there. Can you tell me how you are getting DVD menus to work? I saw this as an improved feature of the beta6 but I still can’t get them to work isinglass isos or from DVD folders. It would be great if I could get this working. Thanks.

Hmmm. Just the standard audio_TS and video_TS? Thanks for the reply.

I simply used DVDDecrypter to transfer all the files from a DVD to a folder on my NAS, and then Media Player plays that with the DVD menus without any issues.

Just to be clear, I’m ripping a full DVD image with RipIt as recommended by James, so it keeps the entire DVD structure intact.  MediaPlayer finds the menu on some discs, but totally omits it on others.

Okay I’ll try ripit. I’m pretty sure that dvdfab does the same thing though.

I looked into RipIt.  That is not fee and it is Mac online which I do not have. 

A friend who uses Windows lists these as his favorite DVD software:

  • DVDfab: Great all-in-one decode/recode; the decode works even after the trial expires.
  • SmartRipper: One of the originals and still very good, however, it can be difficult to find. (freeware) (Try checking here and
  • VirtualDub – Excellent open-source video stream editor (AVI + plugins).
  • Smart: An amazing all-in-one converter, from just about any a/v format to another; comes with all codecs.
  • Join VOB Files Tool: Joins vob files once you’ve decrypted.
I hope this helps.

We’re looking into why some DVD menus are not displayed. Hopefully it’s an easy fix.  :wink:

Hi all - just installed aTV Flash on my ATV2 and looks great. We have a few of our DVD´s ripped on a NAS. All done with Ripit.  We can browse, we can here the intro, see the menu. But when playing the main movie we have no more sound at all.  Any ideas what happens here. 

Still continue testing it.  I can confirm this point now with more the 10 tested DVD´s

thx fb

Is this happening with all DVDs, or just a few?

Are you using an AV receiver, or just a TV? Connected via HDMI or optical?


Ok here what happens - by testing Stargate Movie from Roland Emmerich

  1. choosing the movie

  2. going into Setup

  3. Audio Settings       1 = English 5.1 Dolby Digital

                             2 = English DTS

                             3 = German 5.1 Dolby Digital

                             4 = Spanish 

                             5 = Italian


 choosing 2:  English DTS  …    movie will be played in German

choosing 3:  German  … movie will be played in Spanish

and so on 

At the moment ATV is directly connected via HDMI to a Panasoniv TV  -  later it will be connected with an AV Receiver when all is working

Hmm, that’s odd. If you don’t specifically select an audio track, I assume that’s when there’s no sound?

If you can submit a bug report we can try and track down what may be going on.

Ok here what happens - by testing Quantum Solace - James Bond 

  1. choosing the movie

  2. going into Setup

  3. Audio Settings      

1 = English 

2 = German 5.1 Dolby Digital

3 = german DTS

4 = Czech

5 = Turkish


choosing 1:  English -->   movie will be played in English

choosing 2:  German 5.1 Dolby Digital  … movie will be played in German with Subtitles 

choosing 3:  German DTS … movie will be played in Czech language and Czech subtitles

choosing 4:  Czech  …  movie will be played in some Aabian language and arabian subtitles

choosing 5: Turkish …  movie will be played in German and with turkish subtitles


its like random what audio settings and language combined with some subtitles.

And sometimes if you go back in the menu - it hangs up completly 

yes - if no audio settings it depends between playing “no sound” or some default - soemtimes English, sometimes German