Beta6 and mp3

The new media player has been great so far for video, no stuttering at all. But I still cannot access ay of my mp3’s or other audio files. I was under the impression that this was addressed in the new player. Am I missing something obvious?

No, as far as I am aware support for mp3 files is still a restriction in beta 6 and therefore is an outstanding issue.   It is one thing I still need to use XBMC for. I think that the key point behind beta 6 was trying to get video drmatically improved, and the new Media player in place as the start of a more incremental series of updates.    Hopefully this might mean mp3 support sneaking in during one of these incrments?


Hopefully they also will sort out reading the iTunes library file on an netHDD to allow playback of music without the need for a laptop running?