beta5 has stopped working



Just bought atv flash, I downloaded it to my desktop and when I try to run the program, the following message appears

"beta5 has stopped working

windows is checking for a solution"

I have run the program as administrator, so it can’t be firewall. Any ideas?


The program is working now, had to enable a service or two. B

But it can not find my apple tv,

Lots of people seem to have this problem.

beta 6 (due later this month) is apparently adding the option of allowing you to specify the IP address of the Apple TV to help with this issue.

The upcoming Beta6 version will allow you to manually specify the IP address for your AppleTV, but in the meantime you may try re-installing Bonjour.

Hoping update fixes it, reinstalling bonjour does not work for me. I’ll be looking for a refund if the udate does not sort it. At the moment I paid money for a product that does nothing but take up space on the harddrive.

Any update on the new beta that may work. I’m still down cash with nothing to show for it yet.

New Beta works great, well worth the money.

Great to hear you’re up and running. :)