Beta Notes from a novice

This is beyond cool.

Many users seemed confused as to if they had it properly JB and installed. I would definitely recommend combining the JB with the ATV install if possible.
(I did not get the maintenance menu until (as suggested in forum) I loaded overflow then reloaded low tide. The additional menu for “maintenance” does not seem like the JB conformation people are used to. Like the green poison icon or whatnot.

Couch surfer is extremely cool, mouse controls are not explained anywhere, maybe a menu explaining how to get the pointer etc.
Exiting out of a browser page is not intuitive, you need to longhold the menu button.
There is no clear way to delete something you installed, I would like to delete overflow. The weather thing gives everyone the same question, “where do I delete cities that were preinstalled.”

I agree a guide would have been nice for Couch Surfer.


Just figured out what overflow is, very good idea.
Wish there was a guide or YouTube video on what all the programs are.

Very impressed and well worth the money, great job all.

Is there something to load so I can watch flash, like if I want to watch