Beta App Basics

Thrilled that i finally got to join the beta gang! I have 2 questions:

  1. The app downloaded from test flight appears in the ‘compactible’ section - is this expected? Just confirming that it is Not supposed to be grouped along with the native apps?

  2. How do i watch 3D ISO films on the beta app? I have about 100 on my NAS server.

Thank you !

An interesting observation, a friend of mine is beta testing this as well. He is on version 8.0, i seem to be on 7.7.7 . My friend also has his apps grouped with the native Vision OS apps, but mine is in Compactible apps.

Tried deleting and re installing, but no change.

You may want to read through the original AVP beta thread. I believe there are some tips as how to get started.