Beta Access / 3D ISO

Hi everyone, excited to be a part of this awesome program! I’m Was hoping you could help me with two very critical things:

  1. I was approved for the beta several days ago, but have not received an email from Test flight. Could you please help me understand how to access the beta app?

  2. I have a huge collection of 3-D ISO’s on my unraid NAS server. I am trying to understand if we can finally call to A location within the network and stream 3-D ISO files directly. This would be a game changer.

Invites will resume next Friday since no new betas are currently available.

Hang in there till after next Friday. :wink:

Thank you ! Any comment on point 2 about 3d ISO ?

Its Finally Friday :smiley:

Can i finally get my invite today please? #veryExcited!

After being the key word. :wink: Heck it’s only an hour into Friday and not even that for where the dev is so give it some time. There still isn’t a new beta. Once there is then the invites will go out. It may take a few days.

haha a technicality . No, but fair enough. Looking forward to it. Thank you !