Beta 7--No extended Media Menus and Can't Delete anything

Upgrade to Beta 7 through maintenance and did all the updates.  I am running 4.2.2 (2203).  A couple of issues:  

1)  Media does not have any extended menus.  I still only have My Files and Settings.

2)  Can’t delete anything from the Maintenance/Manage Extras.  In some cases it even says successfully deleted but it isn’t.

I have restart the AppleTV 2 several times including disconnecting the power supply to restart.

Do I need to re Jail Break with the newest SeasOnPass?

Do I need to update my Apple SW version?


Thanks for the help.


Not sure what you mean by this or what you are expecting? You start of with those options, but any favourites you set up will also appear above those. For instance I have favourites of MUSIC, TV, FILMS, PHOTOS.

Ooooops.  I forgot to go through the add favorites part.  Thanks for the reminder.  Still can’t delete nitrotv, xmbc, plex or anything else.

The XBMC removal issue is a known problem when running the latest 4.3 software. For now a workaround can be found here: