Beta 7 & Media player update - Playback error. Cannot play movies. Is rollback to beta 6 possible ?

Since installing Beta 7 and updating the media player, I get the following error message when attempting to play movies : “Playback Error - cannot establish connection to the audio playback service. Press Menu to restart your Apple TV”

XBMC connects and will play a movie but they are incredibly slow ( 1 or 2 frames per second ).

Prior to the updates everything was working. Nothing else in the network has been changed.

Is it possible to rollback to Beta 6 or would a fresh jailbreak and update be useful to try ?




I’m having problems too.  Attempting to play back movies now pauses with “Buffering…” on the screen for several minutes.  Never had this issue before.  Would love to know how to roll back…

yes I’m also getting playback error can’t establish connection??? This never happened before yesterdays update! Please some one tell us how to roll back to media 6

Sorry, if you’re still having trouble please submit a bug report and we can look into what’s going on.

I sorted this by restoring appleTV to out of the box settings and re jailbreaking from scratch. This was uncharacteristically difficult this time. iTunes took three or four attempts to reflash, stopping halfway through the procedure. After the fourth time it still reported an unknown error but aTV seemed to be working. Getting to DFU mode took much longer than normal ( maybe 10-12 attempts ) - I was starting to think it was done for.

If you have the same problems I'd recommend a clean jailbreak and have some patience !

Looking forward to streaming FLAC from my NAS now ( HINT HINT !! )

A solution that worked for me: Reset after installation.

After that everything seemed fine.