Beta 6 Media Player Crash

Media Player crashes as I go through my Movie files list.  I have about 400 movies mostly in the Video TS format.  As I scroll down through the list I get a crash.  This does not happen if I go down the list one at a time and allow the Metadata to load before moving to the next file.

By “crash”, do you mean that it reboots ? If so, I have the exact same problem when browsing my NaS.

Furthermore, its very very slow when browsing my NAS folders, even though it’s a gigabit setup via cable.

The crashes you’re seeing while browsing should be resolved in the upcoming version.

I am loving Media Player, and I can’t wait for the update.

Media Player also crashes when movies are placed in subfolders.

I had organized all of my movies, all different formats, in several subfolders and sub-subfolders, and I discovered that by moving them to the root of the share I can play them without causing Media Player to crash.