beta 6 for atv2 release date?

Hey admins,

Can you shed some light on when beta6 for atv2 will be released and what fix or adds is going to be included. I am so excited waiting for beta6 to try it out.



Elsewhere in the forum, james has already said something like mid June.   As that is not far off, then my guess is that the next thing we hear may be the fact it is available.   I am looking forward to it.

This waiting around for the next update is really killing me. I’m hoping it will turn my new Apple Tv 2 into the box i hoped it would be.

Beta6 will feature our new player which has been designed from the ground-up. It’s been under development for quite awhile, and will provide a BIG leap forward in overall performance and usability. There are also a number of other new and exciting features included as well.

All in all, lots of goodness coming in Beta6 which should be available towards the end of the month.

@james: will this beta provide support for DVD image files? It’s one of the top advertised items and was THE key reason for my buying firecore. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are doing great work, but it was quite the let-down when i figured out that it doesn’t work yet! :frowning:

Honestly I can’t say for sure whether images (ISO) files will be supported in Beta6.

Is there a reason you prefer ISO over a normal folder/VIDEO_TS format?

Yes, the reason being that I have well over 300 DVD’s saved as ISO’s and was hoping to avoid the hassle of extracting all the VIDEO_TS folders … - and I’m not savy enough to write a script or something like that for the job :[

Oh, I do have another question: Streaming from the VIDEO_TS folder (which works like a charm :)) is it possible to switch between two audio streams (e.g. between the english and the german track)?



Fair enough. Support for ISO files is on our roadmap, just probably not in Beta6.  :frowning:

Support for multiple DVD audio tracks will be available in Beta6.

Fair enough; and thanks for the awesome response time! :slight_smile:

Hi James


In Beta 6 will there be any Ethernet controll avilable?



Unfortunately not.  :frowning:

The main focus this time around has been on Media Player, but if you want to send in a suggestion with more details we’ll definitely review it for inclusion in a future version.

Great to hear Beta6 is coming soon with a focus on Media Player. Im love the idea of Media Player, have it set up ready to go, but don’t use it as playback can be somewhat jaggered on panning and fast moving scenes, and buffering can seem to go on for eternity sometimes.

Looking forward to the improvements! :slight_smile:

I have a very similar experience! Am serving files via dockstar and both the devices are connected via ethernet which should be fast enough to play 720p without any hiccups. But theres a minor but noticable jerk. Same with buffering. One thing I have figured is that atv2 has 6.7GB of free space and the media player in beta5 stops buffering (am monitoring bandwidth on the dockstar with iftop) as soon as I pause the video which while on play mode leads to jerky playback. I might be completely wrong and you guys do know it better.

Anyway am looking forward to beta6 and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

These stuttering issues should be resolved in Beta6. :)


Definitely. :wink:

Is it possible to use Digital Audio out like Dolby 5.1 and DTS with the beta 6 version?

Hopefully the sound is sorted on the media player was never quite right maybe just me seemed to stutter a little so i always still used plex