Beta 6 and Plex Media Server

Hi guys

anyone having issues with Beta 6 and the PLEX media server?

I have some audio issue. In detail I have a few video files which worked fine with Beta5 and Plex. Since I updated to version Beta6 I got some issues with this add on tool.

Some times I do not have any audio playback and, even worse, the video is  not loaded for playing.

So did anyone experienced the same?




I think Im having the same problem.

It seems to be with wmv files, mkv and avi are all fine, unless they didnt play before and I never realised it.


Are the playback issues occurring in Media Player or Plex?

They do seem to be WMV 9 and WM Audio 2. They play in Plex ok but with no sound. When using Media Player, it start to  buffer and play with no sound then always crashes and system restarts.


For me nothing works by Plex always crash and restart system…why ?

Can’t say for sure. We’re not currently involved in the development of the Plex client.

Why not use Media Player instead?  :wink:

Hi Guys,


Same here Plex used work just fine, but now after upgrading to beta 7 it crashes the whole system on any video

The same video work fine with the media player. :slight_smile: Which you guys have done a really fantastic job with.


I just like Plex interface better. Hope someone finds a solution.


(My thanks for making such an amazing product.)