Beta 5: Not all SMB shares showing up in Media Player

I was very glad to see the support for SMB shares arrive in Media Player with Beta 5.    However for some reason it appears that not all my SMB shares are appearing when I try to add a share.  XBMC can see them so it is something in the FireCore Media player.   The one that is not showing up would be the one with the most media on it!  Is there any useful diagnostics I can provide?

As a workaround, is there a configuration file that I can edit to manually to add the missing share?

As an update, I tried selecting one of the other shares I COULD see, and then editing that entry to match the values of the share that did not show up.    Once I had done that the Media Player was quite happy to play media off that share even though it had not shown up earlier when trying to browse to add it.