Beta 5 and SMB on NAS drive will not play DVD native files

HI, have set up a share for my NAS drive (Linkstation Pro duo)  in the Media menu, settings and can once configured see all the directories on the NAS. I  go to say a folder with flv files and they play fine.  If I then go to my folders with all my DVD files and select a DVD folder (which then has the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders inside), the metadata is used to look up the video but when I then select the folder to play it reports                   “Playback error, An error occured loading the content”   with no other messages reported.


Folder structure is  DVD/film name/  and then the two sub folders for Video_TS and Audio_TS.  It does not seem to want to start the menu file in the Video_TS folder


Have tried copying the contents of the Video_TS to the DVD root folder (ie DVD/film name) in case the media player did not like the Video_TS sub folder but still does not work.

Any idea?



I have a similar setup, but the vast majority of the DVD file sets play fine for me.    There are one or two that do not, and I have not yet got to the bottom of what is different about these ones.

Thanks.  I have been through my entire DVD ripped collection and this issue is the same on every single DVD folder (about 120 of them). As you cannot get to the DVD Video_TS folder to play the .VOB file I can check if its a file issue.


I do not have to get to the VIDEO_TS folder level.    The one above that (filmname) is what I select and that seems to play fine.   I notice that my VIDEO_TS folders are all caps while your example had mixed case - I wonder if this matters?

My DVD files from NAS (Lacie) via SMB won’t play, it does not matter, whether the folder name is written in capitals or not. After selecting a DVD folder, for quite a while “Buffering…” shows on the screen (25 seconds or so), then “Playback error” is displayed. Other files like .avi, .m4v, mp4 or .mov played from the same share will work without any problems.