Beta 4


I must be having a blond moment i have installed Beta 4 but i cannot see any new media player or to set it up ???

Having installed Beta 4,Go to Maintenance, Manage Extras, and then fourth item down should be Media Player, select Install.

Thanks for the reply but there is no media player there  -- about shows i am running Beta 4 but i had to install it from the download section is it did not show up in maintenance


Mmm, no idea then, I've just installed Beta 4 and it was there on my Maintenance, Manage Extras once I'd restarted LowTide.

Hmm, sounds like it may be a cache issue.

You may try restarting Lowtide through the Maintenance --> Settings menu. This should force the AppleTV to re-cache the Manage Extras menu.

The latest version looks like this.

HI Restarted lowtide but my maintenance menu is nothing like yours it is just the same as the previous version, but the beta 4 install worked fine form the mac and the about screen under maintenance shows beta 4.  Just a note the upgrade did not show up under maintenance so i had to download load it and run the installer from my mac

Ok, you may also try restarting your modem/router.

Then backing out of the Manage Extras menu and re-entering it should redownload the latest Manage Extras list.

Still no luck. Just shows the old menu


Just turned up after full power off and left for a while


Installed media player  - lowtide restart then back to old maintenance menu ???

Set up a new Appletv , jail broke with greenpois0n, NitoTv, ATVFlash   ---- still doen not show new maintenance menu.

Tried restarts power off etc no luck