Beta 3/4

Hey everyone,


my Problem is the following:


I downloaded Beta 3 and 4, tried to open it on a Vista Notebook, but it never starts, always says there is a problem but doesn't say which one and just doesn't open. So I can't even try to put ATV on there... is there a nother option to get it going? Could you include it like Cydia or something when you jailbreak it and activate with the acc info?! That would be nice...


So I hope there is a solution to the problem...





really?! nobody had that problem?! come on... pls help!

It sounsd very much as if you have a corrupt download.

I would suggest that you first clear the browser cache, and then retry the download.   Alternatively you could try downloading on a different PC if you have access to one.

I don't know what the problem is... i tried it on a different computer though and it at least started... so i will use that computer now... thx for the input...