Beta 2

The new beta versions states

"Full support for the AppleTV 4.1 (iOS 4.2.1) software"

What does this mean? I can't get the beta to work on my aTV running the latest software. Do we still have to wait for a pwnage jailbreak? Or should I be able to get beta 2 up and running?



Only works for AppleTV 2G 4.2.1 with a tethered jailbreak using pwnagetool 4.1.2, which believe me is not easy.

I think it’s fair to say we do need a jailbreak for spicificly 4.2.1…I’m waiting as many others are…the ATV flash for 4.2.1 is available but the jailbreak is not…my understanding is that it’s almost ready for the public…I’m guessing this week…hope this helps…

So it does work with the micro USB cable. Can we have a defined answer, because i see places saying the apple tv i just bought cant be jailbroken, but you are saying elsewise... 


I followed the pre install instructions to jailbreak and i get to loading the custom restore via itunes, but itunes communicates with apple and then i get a message denying me. 


please i would appreciate some clarity