Best way to watch a TV series?

I’m trying to figure out how to watch a tv series with infuse (with a plex server). When I was using the plex app on Apple TV you would choose a show and start watching, and it would start at season 1 episode 1. And then later when you want to watch more it would start at the next episode that is marked as unwatched.

But for infuse it seems like you choose the show, then have to choose a season, then it selects the next unwatched show, and you can press play. Seems a bit convoluted?

Under settings there is a section headed playback. Within that section against continuous playback you have options for TV Shows only, Movies only, On (both movies & TV) or off

Is that set as either On or TV Shows only? If so you still need to choose the show and season if the files are in folders per season, but it will autoplay the next episode in the season folder

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Yep continuous is on for tv shows. And that works. It also kind of has to do with another annoying thing…

say you watch a show and are on episode 4, it finishes and is rolling credits. You back out (to where infuse is showing the details for episode) it is still on episode 4. So if you call it a night and come back tomorrow, to get it to play episode 5 you have to back out to the season then go back into the season for it to update and show episode 5.

On plex for comparison when you would back out at the end of episode 4, it goes to the season showing episode 5 is the next unwatched, and thus if you pressed play would go episode 5.