Best way to switch from Google Drive to NAS?

I will be losing my google drive storage so I am purchasing a synology NAS and I will be migrating my 6TB google drive video collection to a local storage over the network.

  1. I have infuse 6 Pro just as an FYI, I don’t think that should be relevant.

  2. what’s the best method to “migrate” my watch status etc from google drive to local storage?

  3. how should I set this up in infuse so that in theory I could watch my video collection remotely over the internet, provided that I have properly configured my Synology for remote access?

  4. should I connect via SMB or NFS?

  5. I do have iCloud sync turned on if that matters. I don’t have a trackt account set up but could it that would help.

I use a Synology locally and have great results with NFS. Can’t comment as to the remote aspect as that’s not a heavy use case for me, but there are guides.

Suggest you enable at least one of the options in #4 to facilitate #2.

The way Infuse currently works, watched status is title dependent, not source dependent — so if you back up your watched status to iCloud, it should carry over to your newly created library when you’ve finished downloading everything to your NAS and sync.

I’m using a NAS produced by a new and small company,

Above all u need port mapping your smb/nfs/webdav… port on your router, I’m using webdav with 5005

the easiest way is

  1. use the ddns service provided by your router, register a domain address

(I’m using a NetGear router and it provides a free domain address

  1. if your router do not support ddns, and u hav a public ip address from your internet provider, u can type your ip address each time before u start, but it will cause a re-scrapping of the metadata each time or
    2.1. install docker “DDNS-GO” on NAS
    2.2. register a domain address

  2. if you don’t have a public ip address
    3.1. install docker “DDNS-GO”
    3.2. install another docker for Intranet penetration
    3.3. register a domain address

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I just wanted to reply to inform everyone on what I did:

I set up a WebDAV server on the Synology on a non-standard port for security reasons.

I opened up that port forwarding on my router, so my WebDAV server is exposed to the internet.

I have it running on HTTPS only, not HTTP.

I have a * DDNS account which forwards to my Synology directly, therefore I have direct internet connectivity to my WebDAV server on my Synology.

In Infuse, I added the WebDAV HTTPS server with the non-standard port and it added it perfectly with no issues. I love the speedtest feature.

Because of iCloud syncing, my other devices which might travel like my iPad have the WebDAV settings perfectly imported and I can directly connect to my Synology remotely with no issues.

In terms of migrating, I don’t know what kind of magic Infuse has but when I added the Synology server and Infuse started importing, it just kind of magically kept all of my watch status.

I then deleted the Google Drive share, and again, all of the watch status was preserved.

Can anyone from the Infuse team answer as to what kind of magic Infuse runs in the background that preserves watch status etc, even when you go from one share to another share of identical content?

Probably two possibilities. Do you have a Trakt account linked in Infuse? If so Infuse will always pull watched status from there. It’s what Trakt does. (If you give your media personal ratings it retrieves those also.)

If not then the key thing was probably adding the new share and letting it propagate before removing the old one.

Also enjoy your NAS.
I suspected the writing was on the wall with Google Unlimited a few months ago so I started switching over then. I only got the infamous email from Google a fortnight ago.
Beyond the obvious initial expense of the NAS and drives I have never been happier.