Best way to switch from Google Drive to NAS?

I will be losing my google drive storage so I am purchasing a synology NAS and I will be migrating my 6TB google drive video collection to a local storage over the network.

  1. I have infuse 6 Pro just as an FYI, I don’t think that should be relevant.

  2. what’s the best method to “migrate” my watch status etc from google drive to local storage?

  3. how should I set this up in infuse so that in theory I could watch my video collection remotely over the internet, provided that I have properly configured my Synology for remote access?

  4. should I connect via SMB or NFS?

  5. I do have iCloud sync turned on if that matters. I don’t have a trackt account set up but could it that would help.

I use a Synology locally and have great results with NFS. Can’t comment as to the remote aspect as that’s not a heavy use case for me, but there are guides.

Suggest you enable at least one of the options in #4 to facilitate #2.

The way Infuse currently works, watched status is title dependent, not source dependent — so if you back up your watched status to iCloud, it should carry over to your newly created library when you’ve finished downloading everything to your NAS and sync.

I’m using a NAS produced by a new and small company,

Above all u need port mapping your smb/nfs/webdav… port on your router, I’m using webdav with 5005

the easiest way is

  1. use the ddns service provided by your router, register a domain address

(I’m using a NetGear router and it provides a free domain address

  1. if your router do not support ddns, and u hav a public ip address from your internet provider, u can type your ip address each time before u start, but it will cause a re-scrapping of the metadata each time or
    2.1. install docker “DDNS-GO” on NAS
    2.2. register a domain address

  2. if you don’t have a public ip address
    3.1. install docker “DDNS-GO”
    3.2. install another docker for Intranet penetration
    3.3. register a domain address

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