BEST way to stream my QNAP TS233 videos online, outside home, on Apple TV 4k


Complete newby here. I have just bought a QNAP TS233 to save all my movies, shows and videos. I use an Apple TV 4K with Infuse Pro. Inside my network, the settings were really easy to config and everything works perfectly.

Now I am going to travel and want to take my Apple TV to watch my videos. I know there must be a lot of options to access my file remotely and stream on my Apple TV, BUT I have been reading a lot of things and to be honest, didn’t understand anything…

What is the most EASY way to access my files and stream them using my Apple TV 4K and Infuse away from home?

This should get you started.

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The other way of course would possibly be to install a Media Server Plex/Emby/Jellyfin on the QNAP and use its transcoding capabilities when using remotely as many of us do.
That said if your upload speed at home and download speed remotely is sufficient for your files then @NC_Bullseye link will do the job.