Best way to share

What’s the best way to share via a Mac, SMB, WebDAV or NFS? I mean in terms of connection speed and reliability, both through wired and wifi connections.

The biggest thing I found when I used a Mac to serve files was to make sure you set the drive(s) to NOT sleep and don’t forget to have wake for network access enabled.

I ended up with SMB for my set up and it worked good for both WiFi and Ethernet.

I’d say set up a test share with each of your possible protocols and see which works best for you. It will vary with things like what router, what model Mac, WiFi strength, etc. It’s free to test all and see what is best for you.

I will say that after dealing with a Mac as a server for a few years I went to a Synology NAS and it’s been rock solid (on SMB) and not having to fuss with the Mac now and then due to OS updates and other gremlins has been wonderful.

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