Best way to get your dvds to your aTV

I’ve tried to rip with mactheripper and some dvds works but as soon as i try to play them on the atv flash it opens but with freeze and distortion. Do you guys have a tip about another, better way to do it?

If your DVD rips contain menus, you need to make sure this option is enabled in DVD > Settings > Enable DVD menus

Not all DVD menu’s play well either.

I’ve got two rips of my copy of Pursuit of Happyness.

One with the menu, one without.

When I play he file with the menus it has issues, a green block, and resolution problems.

When I play the file without the menu it runs just fine.

Not all of my DVD rips are like this, but a good portion of them are.

For now I’m just ripping a main feature only. But once the DVD menu thing gets squared away I’ll probably go back and rerip with the menus intact.